Herr Fantasies

I imagine this must have been what it felt like to live in those ancient times with no way to communicate with the person that makes your blood rush even faster thru your veins. When perhaps pigeons carried messages on lil notes tied to her feet, or water washed bottles sealed with how much ‘I miss yous’, bouncing up on sea shores.
Messages, with pregnant and yearning words, simple as the letters that make them up but bursting at the seams with the emotion within them. Like I MISS YOU…but its an I MISS YOU that really means…every single inch of my skin yearns to be touched by you, my lil hairs screaming and sticking me as if punishing me for keeping them aparts from you.
Words like ‘I am thinking about your lips against mine’ – which means I dont feel alive until the magic energy that happens when your lips touch mine or I taste the warmth of your insides, sends shocks from my head to my toes, that confusion in that second, that abandon in that minute…that release of a lifetime.
Words often seem to fall so short, in expressing emotion. I long to feel you, taste you, touch you…so I can show you!


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