My heart’s travel pack

I sent it on its way…a battered heart, its bag packed with years of pain and disappointment, unrequited love, deceit. Chipped from the stones flung by hurtful words, pierced by the daggers that came sheathed like wolves. I sent my heart’s on it way with its travel pack heavy..she happily went running down the street…I watched her go with great expectations and anticipation that she will never return.

Our relationship has been a troubled one and though I would love to love her with all my being our association causes nothing but severe pain to us both.  I have watched her develop with youth and vigor, naively loving all and giving all she had, I’ve watched her first bleed, patched her first scar..tried to sew her torn pieces together, after this blow sadly I can offer her no I have to send her packing.

I will miss her…my heart…she gave me hope…reasons to love, made me smile…even though she made me cry even more deeply than words can present.  She was my heart.  I loved her but off some relationships you just simply gotta let go.

So I sent my heart packing.


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