Purpose of Life

From time to time and over and over, I find myself contemplating the real purpose of life. Many times I felt as though I figured it out and had it all under control, until the questions creep in again, almost as if in reality, ‘the purpose of life’ must be sought after constantly
Who placed these limitations on us, limitations of money or of perceived capacity; limitations of time or agility? I look around and all I see are limitations, boxes like coffins that censor, mold and prod our expressions, nails of fear hammered in making the seal of this coffin even more daunting as everywhere nail tips appear shiny and ready to deal that relentless blow to anyone who dare forget their space in that ‘perfect’ coffin.
I have never liked my coffin. I found it was stuffy not even a place I’d want my body to be for anytime when I decide to leave it again. I’ve always cherished my freedom to experience the sweetness of this time, however short lived and to appreciate its balance provided by bitterness and pain. I cant wait for the era where humanity will appreciate once again…that the best thing is to allow water its own level and love its own expression…where there is love…there is a way and coffins are for the lifeless.


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