Grow a vagina…we need a rebirth

Evolutionary theory provides that where there is a need, nature abhorring a vacuum will fill it.  

There is a need.  What exactly is your purpose, I think that in light of JFLAG and JASL staff admitting that they are now unable to deal with the night crawlers and strange social fringe living gay men who are creating havoc, endangering their ‘staff’ and normalcy, it appears that the agencies will now be thrown into a scenario of reassessing their relevance and objectives.  I would assume that an audit of the resources necessary and attempts to garner same to address the issue would have been done and will be shared in short order with the rest of the community, the Jamaican member of parliament, and the police heads as well as the homeless.  

Humanity will never be void of over-extended social ills that need to be addressed…so if you intend to cry about how endangered, you are and how much you do not have the resources, your pity party is a huge one. Addressing social ills whilst it takes courage, also requires purpose and a scientific approach that assesses the issues being faced and charts a strategy informed by the assessment and the most vulnerable in an attempt to create change.


I am in no way saying that JFLAG or JASL is the end all, but as the oldest and most listened to agencies working with and addressing issues of LGBT and HIV in Jamaica and perhaps the region, if you cannot address an issue then lending your support to the creation of initiatives that can, would be helpful, especially as your exposure and contacts has put you in touch with /in control of resources all over the world and locally that can really put some sustainable steam behind our issues.  Rowdy, scamming, sex-selling, HIV positive or homeless MSMs are not new or indigenous to Jamaica only.  Addressing the issue of legislation and buggery in a bubble will be least effective in ensuring an atmosphere where LGBT Jamaicans rights and access to them are truly respected, and an amelioration in the quality of life experienced.

All issues are interconnected and cannot be addressed in isolation, empower, encourage, seek and utilise partners that will help in an overall solution.  They say vaginas can take pummeling and still be in tip top shape, the pummeling will rain from all angels as we attempt to remind humans how to love each other…if you are committed to this purpose…then I strongly suggest you grow a vagina and be resourceful, we need a rebirth.

Give us vision…lest we perish


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