We meet each other on the opposite side, where I can’t turn away from you.
Where the who you are..is the real you…not the fabricated ‘I AM’, where who you are is intense and sensitive, wild and expressive…in love with me freely.
And I, I am light and my heart honestly happy, my smiles are from the inside out and not the fabricated ‘She is”.
Where I curl up in your arms, my spot and you…protect me…

We meet each other on the opposite side…the opposite side of cold and hard reality, where the thin line of hollowness I feel when all has been scooped out from my empty dark heart…in my chest…so much I can’t breathe…again…another wound…and it hurts so much…I love you so much…i will bear your pain…that is the cold and hard reality of my love on any given day…

but YOU…you are my escape…the few moments I come up for a breath of fresh air…to find it in your lips…on the opposite side


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