This place

I step into it….
close my eyes.
It smells fresh and earthy, the scent of flowers and the freedom of nature mixed with your perfume fills my lungs.
The scent of you in the regular environment drives me crazy, thoughts of you pressed up against me, in this crowd, making me dizzy with desire, your skin on fire at the feel of my breasts crushed against urs, pu$$y to aching pu$$y, lips to lips, the liquid fire of your tongue exploring my mouth making my knees weak,, while yu grab my hips…pulling me deeper into you….TABOO
NO…your scent mixed with this pace…is differrent.
Its not hot like sin…its easy and perfect like heaven.
You touch me, gently, not with the anxiety of the other place, where the fear that it wont last makes you grab me as tightly as you can…
NO…this place is different…one kiss lasts for eternity and makes the world a more beautiful place
Its not lust…its worship
its a finite forever…cuz I know we must return and leave this place…our secret garden, all its scents, flowers and the eternity of us.
Closing the gate, gently knowing that our garden is sacred, and its our thing…that no one can take away…cuz no one knows…this place


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