All Angles coverage of gay homelessness issue Oct. 3, 2012


Dionne Jackson Miller, on her show tonight,  ‘ALL ANGLES’ as usual went straight to the point. Whilst I didn’t get to watch the entire show, I was very glad to see that Dionne wasted absolutely no time in following up on the recently held closed meeting CALLED BY CITY OFFICIALS who became concerned about the behaviour of the clan of homeless gay men.  Her programme featured the MP – Julian Robinson along with representatives from the business community, the police, JFLAG represented by Dane Lewis and AIDS Free World represented by Maurice Tomlinson, with a few interviews with the homeless gay men on the street.

Dionne dug hard to get timelines to the talks and promises:

  • A dedicated shelter for homeless gay men.  JFLAG alluded to the fact that a steering committee consisting of partners has been instituted to guide the process.  They have found a  landlord that is willing to participate in the project and seem to be interested in adapting The Open Arms Shelter model.  JFLAG indicates that by weekend they should know something.
  • The business community has pledged its support in anyway, including financial once they are able to see a justified and I think sustainable project

The show left me feeling so good, the discussion was balanced and I was very impressed with all the panelists, in particular the persons/agents responsible for calling the meeting in the first place.  Initially JFLAG’s reaction at the meeting as reported by the paper had me really disappointed as it appeared we had lost the opportunity to really get the support of these major major social players, namely the police, the politician and the business community.  It was heart warming and extremely encouraging to note that the conversation was evidently focused on finding a solution to what was a growing issue for the business community and security of the new kingston area.  I am still disappointed that it was not JFLAG that initiated and represented the need for a solution, but very glad that we are getting somewhere.  It appears now the ball is in our court…and by our I mean JFLAG, and secondarily the steering committee to ensure that this does not fall through the cracks.

I have dreams that with the backing of these critical social development agents and contributors, a sustainable solution will be the outcome of this action; that the Jamaican people will fashion those attitudes of the police, politician and business man, and will start understanding that caring for its most vulnerable will boost our economy, families, social graces and yes…propel us to a Jamaica that will make our ancestors happy by fulfilling our mantra enshrined in our National Anthem and Motto.  I have dreams that when Jamaica changes its attitudes toward gay people and human rights, we will truly finalise our position as world leader…we are a great nation and a great loving people and culture 🙂

I am so damn happy!!! ❤ ❤ 🙂 🙂


3 thoughts on “All Angles coverage of gay homelessness issue Oct. 3, 2012

  1. Honestly mi just really hope JFLAG don’t let this opportunity pass by…..There is endless possibility going forward if this materialize

  2. hope it does not go the route of the Safe house pilot and was only a patchwork response due to the pressure brought on by the issues building up.

    I am guarded as hell on this

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