In my dreams

I can smell you on my sheets even though you have never been here, Your scent seems to lead me, crawling all over me, despite the fact that you have never touched me.

In my mind, I have created a world…I am yours, you are mine.
We have been on vacations, enjoyed exotic places, been spontaneous stopping short of illegal but never ever caught, watched stars glisten at nights, discussed deep theories on why the moon is so bright, made it our duty to follow an ant’s trail for a day, theorizing why it went which way.
I have felt our fire over and over again, consumed it whenever, where ever, as part of our mission to love till the world’s end.
OPEN and FREE valuing that GOD is a part of everything and dependent on ME…we engage love fully and eternally, spending our seconds in awe of its expression.

I can’t get you out of my mind and I hope to never have to, your scent on my sheets is the reason I will sleep at nights, to visit you in my dreams.


6 thoughts on “In my dreams

  1. If this was the beginning of a novel I would keep the pages turning all night just to know if this fantasy became reality… has the substances of a great read…

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