I can spin you world’s with my voice deep in your ear through to your mind.

Soothe you, ignite you, so I can see our eyes smile.

As my own selfish pleasure, I would rather taste you………….prod and probe you, moaning into you.  Eating you

Kissing you, flicking you…making mountains of heat and water well up and bust in you.

Sadistic, the pain I want to cause is the threshold beyond pleasure’s extreme.  Pay me my due in liquid, showered with your approval.

I want to fuck the kaleidoscopes out of you, pressed up against all your mirrors, examining every inch, face, emotion of you. Pushing, easing, forcing, teasing my light onto you.

and when you collapse like a meteor’s shower, I will collapse with you. Hold you. Kiss you. Love you all over again.


One thought on “Meteors

  1. “I want to fuck the kaleidoscopes out of you” that’s a hit pick up line if I ever heard one! Again its so well written that my mind has become a vivid 3D playground. Love the raw passion, love the title meteor – the showers I totally get it! U make a girl wanna go out n have sex with a poet who’ll fuck her brains out n then write about it! *swooons* Lol

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