This big dutty passa passa inna Jamaica: Homosexuality

Dear Lord have mercy on our lying souls.  If it were up to me, I would start outing every closet battyman and sadamite in Jamaican clergy, politics, music, media and marital unions etc etc that sit comfortably in the closet and throw stones at homosexuality contributing to this very confusing and schizophrenic state of homophobia eating away at the core of our beautiful island…like cancer. It grieve me.

Lets look at homophobia in Jamaica.  ‘The Secret and the theories of the Law of Atttraction, provide that whatever we mention or give attention to the universe provides, if we are to follow this thought, then the amount of attention that Homosexuality and batty-business gets in terms of music, castigation from the average man on the street and the baby on breast, Jamaica could be batty capital of the world.  When we tap that with the high incidences of child sexual abuse; plus the fact that the first and safest place for a man who thinks he may find other men attractive to hide, is in the crotches of many many ‘gyal inna bungle’, we are sitting on a big hot volcano MESS!

In Jamaica, the most common curse word is battyman and sadamite, regardless of whether or not there is actual confirmation or even suspicion of the subject’s sexuality.  If you violate, you are a batty man, if you bad drive you are a battyman, if you step on someone’s foot, you are a battyman, if you are unable to defend yourself by being as aggressive as your opponent, then you are in trouble, if you present even slightly feminine, you are DEAD, unless you can run very fast, like 10 battyman.  What is this obsession with battyman and gay issues that has our DJs and producers spending hours in studio making, and remixing music about something that is so disgusting…is it really all that disgusting?  If I find something disgusting, I won’t be able to be around it any at all…it will not be the first thing on my lips.

Every now and again we hear of rumours or get confirmations of public figures that are gay, said ‘bulla man’ dancehall artistes who sing homophobic songs, if night should turn to day.  This is the truth.  The people who are most at risk and in trouble at the hands of homophobia, the dancehall lyrics and attitudes that appear to diss and marginalise same gender loving people are our children and women.


Positing that as a young man/woman who may find myself being curious about this homosexual life that has everyone in such a tizzy, human curiosity may lead me to want to find out what the big fuss is about, who should I turn to to explore this with, who will not let the cat out the bag and is guaranteed to be quiet about it…in the absence of freedom to associate with other same sex loving adults, someone who is perhaps vulnerable and gullible enough within whom I may be able to instill enough fear supported by the buoyant hate in the culture…a minor??? Most of the young homosexual men I have worked with will report sexual abuse in their childhood from family friends, uncles, fathers etc, the stories have been so gruesome.  The most gruesome part is that these children do not know where to go, due to how opposed our culture is, from fear that if they say something, they too will feel the scorching heat of homophobia which will no doubt follow them into adulthood.  I am in no way suggesting that all homosexuals are pedophiles, in the same way all heterosexuals are not pedophiles.  However, if we allowed for adult homosexual relations to exist of course in privacy of relationships, where there is no need to hide then we may see a decline is such situations.  Pedophilia is WRONG, but human sexuality is natural and will find a space for its expression if it is restricted. Stop forcing our children to suffer because of homophobia.



The Jamaican culture has very specific guidelines on what is expected of women versus men, and in that men are expected to have multiple female partners as one badge of his masculinity.  Regardless of whether or not a man is attracted to other men, he must have nuff gyal inna bundle to prove that he is a man, one burners (men with one partner) have been frowned upon for years. Here it is that women have no right to and are prevented from having access to information about their partner’s real sexual preferences.  How can he be honest about his feelings for men, if these feelings will cause him to be ostracized or at worst killed, how many gay men are hiding their sexual preferences up in your womb. What is the impact of pretending on the creation and sustaining of healthy and supportive family units.


We can chat all we want and tout the bible till the chariot of fire comes raining from the sky with the crowned prince of glory.  Homosexuality as a part of human sexuality, has always existed and will continue to exist, deal with it and stop leaving its brunt to be faced by our unsuspecting women and children.


9 thoughts on “This big dutty passa passa inna Jamaica: Homosexuality

  1. well here we go again, what do you expect if person’s see where they can benifit by adding to the discrimination of homosexual why not? yes you have the right to stay in the closet if you choose to but while you are there dont make it more deficult for those who are out and are proud of themselves which it seems like allot of you having problems with.

  2. I think you have to be careful about implicitly making the claim that homosexual males are the by product of sexual abuse from men when they were children. Maybe there is a disconnect with what I have read(and what is being touted as fact) and what is really the facts….but could sexual abuse really turn a child gay (and I mean gay, in its strictest definition)? If not, is there something about homosexual males (and even females, particualrly the types that are gender non-conforming)- that make them targets as children? The very fact that I can even ask the previous questions, tells us that we have a cause and effect problem here….But I that’s not the point I wanted to make and I digressed before I even began to make my comment. lol

    What I really wanted to question, is your intimation that less intense homophobia will lead to a decreased number of young boys being molested by men. I don’t agree with that point, because it tacitly makes the claim that pedophiles molest boys at a higher frequency because of homophobia. Of course, I also know you are saying that, less pervasive homophobia will make it easier for boys who have been molested to be able to come forward and give an account of their ordeal without the fear of being branded as a homosexual. That much I get. By nature I am just a very cautious person and I cringe at the thought that we are holding on to ideas that are not etched in truth. Pedophiles are attracted to pre-pubescent children, therefore, diminishing homophobia will have no effect on the number of boys/girls who are molested- because “homosexual” (and I use this term loosely)- pedophiles have no desire to develop sexual and/or romantic relationships with adult males or even teenage males. Therefore, an environment that is more open and accepting of homosexuality, wouldn’t impact on the number of children who are molested. Evidence for this, can be seen in “heterosexual” molestation. An OVERWHELMING amount of girls are molested by men and the last time I checked, everyone was cool with heterosexuality.

    I think adolescent/young teen boys who get sucked into a homosexual “lifestyle” are not sucked in because of homophobia- but more so, because it is a part of our culture to indirectly “encourage” heterosexual men to sleep with minors- especially if there is some financial gain to be had. A lot of Straight men do it and it is no surprise that gay men being influenced by the very culture that lashes out at them sometimes- do it as well. No huge difference there, but our society seems to think it is somewhat of a super sin, when gay men do it. Because of the, you know, gayness?

    Anyhoo, I found your blog yesterday and I really enjoy it, so I’ll definitely be a regular. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment and feedback. All statements that cannot be supported by statistical inferences are not fact. This blog is my opinion, which is based on my observation. Without reading over the blog, I recall making the distinction that homosexuality and pedophilia are separate, and as you pointed, there are the existence of heterosexual pedophiles doesn’t make ALL heterosexuals pedophiles and vice versa. There are no statistics to confirm that sexual abuse can ‘turn’ any one gay, however, in my interaction with LGBT community, quite a number have reported a history of sexual abuse, does this make it fact? What is the sample I used to make this statement? are all pertinent questions. My intimation is that a culture that is more tolerant of consensual same-sex adult relations would lead to less inclinations and excuses even, for the uninformed to explore such a taboo issue with children or other persons who they may feel to be safer or less judgmental, which in my experience seemed to be one of the reasons for the abuse. By nature, I am not a cautious person, I believe that it is important to get notions or ideas out, some people may call this reckless. I challenge that, as the fact is many things happen and the reasons are not always homogeneous, our fear of discussing what is fact to few, maintains silence on it. Not because it doesn’t suit the majority means it should not be aired. There are different angles to the condition of pedophilia, it could be an attraction to prepubescent children, as well as it could be the power in being able to manipulate the weakness, dependence and fear in children, and we could go on and on.
      Life and the human mind is so dynamic, and abuse can have and equally dynamic impact on an individual, could it be that an adolescent/teen who has been abused is not sucked into the ‘lifestyle’, but it becomes all they know and what they are comfortable and feel safe with? Young girls who are abused by men, are known to either become promiscuous, a sexual recluse or so mistrusting of men, they go to women, and it can be the same for boys as well.

      Sometimes, we try too hard to fit what exists into our own constructs, our constructs are developed over time and by experience but influenced by factors which may vary widely from individual to individual. In a situation like that, what can we be careful of? I believe strongly in freedom of speech and expression, and not having this married to any control complex a few people who think ‘information’ should be controlled. It is what is, dependent on who is looking at and feeling it.

      Am glad you like my blog and I REALLY appreciate your comments. I am not God, I do not know everything, I only know what I experience and that is what I blog about.

      • In my previous comment, I asked questions like: “could sexual abuse really turn a child gay (and I mean gay, in its strictest definition)? And “is there something about homosexual males (and even females, particularly the types that are gender non-conforming) – that make them targets as children?” With these questions, I was playing the fool, because I am aware that many transgender and gender non-conforming gay people have indeed suffered from sexual molestation in their youths. The problem is that many are led to believe, they are the way they are in adulthood- because of this experience. I for one don’t believe that. I think there are certain characteristics that make these kids more susceptible to molestation. That’s why I alluded to it being a cause and effect problem.

        I also don’t believe that perfectly GAY men molest young boys and male children because they don’t have access to other men and therefore have to prey on the helpless to get their fix. I think that it is just an excuse that pedophiles (who have a preference for male children) use when caught. And it largely goes back to the misunderstanding that conflates homosexual men with “homosexual” pedophiles. A homosexual pedophile is not a homosexual in the same sense that a homosexual male is. For starters, when the word homosexual is used to describe a pedophile- it is as an adjective that is not used to describe this pedophile’s sexual orientation. It is used to inform us about the sex of the CHILD that this (male) paedophile prefers. But since pedos are attracted to CHILDREN (the physical and emotional characteristics of children) it is more likely that he/she doesn’t have a preference and the children they do molest are more often than not, dependent on accessibility or convenience. This would explain why places like the church, boy scouts, etc have the highest incidence of molestation- because in these settings, males are entrusted with the well-being of male children.

        Homosexuals are those who find people (of the same-sex) and similar age group attractive- both physically and romantically. This is why it is a misnomer to say homosexual pedophiles. Actually it is an oxymoron, because one cannot be a homosexual and a pedophile UNLESS this person is attracted to children and adults. And this is especially rare. As a result, decreased homophobia wouldn’t deter these male homosexual pedophiles from molesting boys- because greater access to men (for sex and relationship) wouldn’t quench that part of them that desires children.

        I understand that a lot of men and women turn to the same-sex for a myriad of reasons that don’t involve them having innate same-gender attraction. But can these people really be described as gay/homosexual? Is a woman straight, if she is solely attracted to other women (a lesbian) but maintains relationships with men instead, because it is comfortable and easy for her? I think we both know the answer to that to be a whopping no. That is why when it comes to definitions I am so careful, because when the gay community allows people to infiltrate and start re-defining preexisting terms- it creates confusion. For example-it creates an environment where people can call themselves lesbians but have an attraction to men. And the only reason they won’t pursue their real attraction is because they are comfortable dating women. Just because you are comfortable dating women doesn’t mean you are a lesbian. Because as we know BEHAVIOURAL lesbianism, is not the same as lesbianism. This is one of the reasons; people can attach themselves to the gay community so easily- because there is so much misunderstanding that leads to the subsequent dilution of gay related terms.

        Sorry, I rambled on…I tend to do that.

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