I want you to push me

Forcefully all up in my space, Tell me to shut up, while you take over my reigns…slap me in the face

All these deep rooted passions, ripped up to my evident surprise. I want you looking into MY eyes. Encapsulated by your web, I want you to fuck me till I am DEAD.

DEAD fears

DEAD control constructs

DEAD tears

DEAD heartbreaks

DEAD failures

DEAD childhood

DEAD  hopes


Sink your teeth into my skin, leaving puncture wounds for all your fire to seep in.

Burn into me, so I will never forget this moment;

Etch yourself into the tissue under my skin;

Push me into my darkness and through to your brilliant light.

Push me over the edge…Fuck me till I am DEAD. Tonight.


6 thoughts on “EDGE

  1. 😀 Sounds like a good plan to me…….. definitely appreciate the twisted dark undertone…. definitely intrigued by the thought of Sinister Sex. Its so simply put but it implies soo much i love that leaves a lot to the imagination or maybe its just my warped mind………….

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