Right Here

When I can’t sleep sometimes I appreciate the trees (get me) usually in turns out into sumn like this…


I inhale.  Claiming to immortalise this place, where the glistening waters of the intimate pool, seem to bond with the blue of the sky and the hue of the ocean.

Beautifully arranged trees and plants, its structure taken to a golden tint.  Rose petals all over the floor and on the chair, soft music wafting through the air.

Anxiety stuck in my lungs.

I want you to make love to me RIGHT HERE.

As we are out in the open air, the breeze licks my skin, creating a maddening desire for the warmth of your hands to caress me there

Where your hands are not

Leaving  99% of the whole of me longing to be connected to you


Make love to me where you complete me, our bodies in Godly unison

Pleasure emanating from my pores and your lips

Where our orgasmic sounds blend with the natural sounds of the birds in the air, and the teasing giggles escaping the shores as the ocean glides up into her

Make love to me and make it forever, where I am beautiful, sexy and agile and you take my breath away, not only when you are between my legs, but with who you are everyday.




3 thoughts on “Right Here

  1. How romanticalllllll! lol dem trees bring out soo much passion from inside u. What would b if u couldn't have the treess

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