Perhaps, sometimes it is charming to live from your heart

bundled in ticklish effervescent emotions, with air fairy dreams swirling in your head, the decadence of chocolate mouse or a precious bottle of 1811 Château d’Yquem white wine

Risk Taking as you secretly and most unheard of toy with pleasure

A public toy with pleasure is taboo, as it may just incite the beast called pain.

My brain screams, stomps and shouts, as slowly my feet continue to move sheepishly in your direction

I know this path, I know these roads, the trees have not changed, the rocks are still the same

I can hear her screaming, frantically, trying to remind me of all the things I promised myself, as she nursed me back the last few times from this deadbeat track

I want to listen, I want to turn back, but perhaps, sometimes, rationale is so dark, and the place beyond my words, hold more an intrigue than is smart to admit.  Even though short lived, the magic of being in love is never something I have ever forgotten, stored some where within the cracks of my broken heart, the silly feeling of blushing, abandoning important tasks just to see a face, to be lost in many dazes, head thrown back…dreaming of the power of your lips against mine, looking over my shoulder, but flashes of my wedding dress, or my beautiful baby laying on your chest.

Nervousness, wetness, desire at a whim or just your thought, threateningly mending the pieces of my broken heart.

I am IN LOVE again, I just wish you would keep the promises you’ll make, pay attention to all the things you’ll say. My brain aches, perhaps in preparation for the one I am about to feel in my chest.

and I would understand fully if this time she abandons me, I have cried heartbreak tears on her shoulder so many times before, when I never listened and traveled down this beaten shore.

I open my eyes, there is no way I can do that again…the memories will have to be all that remains….and with that my chest tightens, I feel it…I know it so very well…the PAIN.


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