Candle in the Wind – Lava K

Today, she would have been 24 years old, if almost one year ago, she wasn’t brutally murdered by the father of her new Imageborn baby just weeks old.  She would probably have already celebrated her daughter’s one year birthday in Lava style.

Her death left so many unanswered questions, even for the people who chose to chat shit.  What boggled me most, was how could this man be allowed bail for just about $200,000 even after there was little evidence against him being her murderer.

I nearly went crazy.

Was it because she is a woman and issues of domestic violence are not regarded socially. Seeing a man beat his woman, a woman beat her man or a woman beat her woman or even a man beating his man is not a big issue, relationships are after all about dominance and control, with our already violent society, physical violence is excused and even ignored, until something fatal happens and we either all continue ignoring it and pray that it doesn’t get to that with anyone we know or we mutter under our breaths of course.

Was it because she was a lesbian, a butch lesbian at that considered the social scourge of the already damned lesbianity and even wider gay moral decay enablers.  Wouldn’t the fact that she actually had a child for a man, the same man who then turned around and murdered her, be sufficient to soften the people who despise homosexuality into humanly want to see some justice.  Isn’t having a man what you would have wanted her to do, didn’t she do it, what more do you want?

Was it because she was black and not from an affluent family, and her address was not uptown. Would the same fate befall an uptown, brown-skinned affluent family.  How does the judge who gave this cold brutal murderer or man of unsound mind bail, sleep at night knowing that they justified the murder of a young woman, and her child is now being reared without a mother, while the father goes free and the questions unanswered.

I wonder all the time about her friends, and what do they do with the unanswered questions? How do they manage the suddenness of her passing.

What does her family do when they see that look in her baby’s eyes, when she looks a lot like her mother but has some mannerisms of her father, the murderer?

Kemesha ‘Lava-K’ Matthews, was an extremely talented young woman, who dreamt of being a dancehall/hip-hop artist and she had skills.  If this were a fair country and our forefathers dreams of our high value on diversity were realised, then despite the fact that she didn’t fit the typical danechall female artist rhetoric and dressed a little bit more revealing and her lyrics were about the functions of her pussy or her skills in keeping a man…she could have easily been dancehall’s next big thing, potentially challenging the links between dancehall violence and homophobia, helping to press home our forefathers visions of unity and diversity so that the world can see that Jamaica is precious and purposed with teaching the world peace and true love.

Lava’s memorial is December 1, her family and friends are hosting a party in her name.  Usually i look for the lesson in every situation, most times I am able to find it and be able to say from this I learnt this.  Unfortunately, this is one of the situations with which i feel stumped, I am not sure what to learn from this, there are still too many questions unanswered, perhaps that 1) good friendships are invaluable, her friends and family are still loving her daily, 2) live your life as happy as you feel, in the blink of an eye, you can be gone like a candle in the wind.


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