Weekend Ramblings

I had a fun weekend. Friday night went riding with the boys (long story, don’t ask, when I am ready to publicly share, I will blog), went to Macau for a drink (by the way…you must check this place out…AWESOME)…had amazing sex (don’t even think about it).

Saturday, did the beach, it always freaks me out how heaven and hell Fort Clarence and Hellshire is respectively (since there is no structure to this post I can write whatever I want 😀 ) Side by side they sit, Fort Clarence: white sand beaches, courteous and friendly staff, very good food, peace and quiet, no hustlers or hagglers. Hellshire: brown sand and pollution everywhere, hagglers, hustlers and their bad attitudes fighting with each other about who deserves the right to annoy you. Kudos to Prendy’s for the good food…but GOSH! Did Hellshire on Friday and Fort Clarence on saturday and the difference was night and day.

Saturday night, 2 events with the most interesting human being I have ever met, who now lives the life of my dreams (except for stable partner and kids) – Barbie Man. We went to the 13th staging of Miss World at Heather’s. To be frank, I was a little bit worried about the venue and secretly prayed that part of the community has finally adapted some grace and class enough to allow them to entertain in the heart of new kingston, save the attention speaking and peacock showrooming of ‘bad gyal’, ‘hype gyal’, ‘money gyal’ or ‘mi tek weh yuh man gyal’. Having not been to a gay event in a while, that was in and of itself an interesting experience, looking at myself on the outside of an inner circle I once commanded and either created or sustained. Change is a really beautiful thing. My respect for Macy Gray despite all that she is known to be associated with, is paramount. I have seen this feared, ridiculed, abused, abusive, huge hearted transgendered woman in many phases, she never gives up and in your face she will act like a fierce lionness defending her turf even if she is breaking inside. She is determined and for 13 years of staging an event that has the grassroot activist power to help revolutionize the self-esteems both collectively and individually for LGBT Jamaicans…she deserves a crown. Hosting a gay event is not an easy task, finding a venue, building relationships with people to have your heart dangle precariously from a string, in the hopes that the same people you went through all this trouble to get an event together for don’t end up in a vicious battle against each other destroying property, putting you in perhaps legal trouble at least and you hardly ever make a profit, contrary to popular opinion. To host a promising event with no financial support, manage the abuse from the community, ending up in multiple physical fights…Macy girl you deserve a medal. Unfortunately and as usual despite what I know to be her best effort, it is never a smooth event and the quality could use a boost. I am very glad to see her including other people in the community with noted skills and I personally will keep going and supporting, from the sidelines, to see Ms. LGBT world become what it should be.

We left there and went to Miami Vice (my big toenails in this shoe is giving me hell – damn acrylic). The drive up to Straun Castle was hair raising, and a few times, I wanted to turn back, from hooded gaza (bleach out) looking thugs to the potholes, I was not at all pleased. However, the reception at the event took all that away, they were pleasant, if even almost a lil too pleasure I wanted to whack him, the tent was nicely decorated. The party was hands down one of the best I have ever been to. The music was on point and the patrons had their original skin…there was not one bleacher in sight, they were impeccably dressed, lots of nerd looks and a lot of just plain comfortable-in-my-own-skin looks and smiles. It was refreshing. The music was EXCELLENT, the VIP all-nclusive bar worked, the weed brownies were awesome and the glow sticks came just in time. The male and female voguing and strutting on the dancefloor dictated a nice supporting unity between gays and lesbians that is almost unseen anywhere else…it gave me hope. I had a blast!!! Kudos to the Miami Vice squad.  I didn’t get to make it to Jane’s bday bash at South Beach…I was many hung over.  I regret it and wish I could turn back, Jane I respect…blessings my doll.

Being at these events reopened some wounds in my heart and it bled. The more it bled, the more I smoked in no time I was high and drunk…all I wanted to do was laugh and dance like no one was looking (I hope they weren’t). I realised a few things: I will be loving her for a lifetime, I will never look at women the same way, and ‘sometimes your best isn’t good enough’.


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