This prolific fuck!

Baby, I am horny, seeing a crazy fuck between us, me sucking you, you sucking me. Me against a wall…u fucking me!

The laboured sounds of our breath, me sinking my teeth into your neck…claiming you at your best, when you are making my pussy wet, fucking me till I am out of breath.

Pounding  and slapping me, taking me, owning me.  THIS IS A FUCK! The fuck I dream of between you and me.  Imprints and finger tips raked along steaming glossy hot skin.

The moment, I wish could last forever, pleasure and pain, intertwined, sparks flying everywhere we touch, toes curled all the way… arches in backs.  THIS…IS…A….FUCK! The fuck I dream of between you  and me.

It seems to last forever and that forever ends in a million explosions, pushing our blood powerfully through our veins, taking our breath away, till it seems we are fighting to breathe, convulsions between us, as what just felt like a forever in pleasure, starts falling around us…after passing through that intense explosion.  This is how I fuck!


One thought on “This prolific fuck!

  1. Sounds like my cup of fuck, or d type a fuck I’d give a fuck about! I often wonder y some ppl have these sexual experiences and I don’t! I mean the passion in these words is dripping with experience. I clearly need sum sexual therapy, cause I’ve had good sex but ntn like THAT!definitely I’m gonna goo google n see where diss sex is available but then it prob has a lot to do with how 2ppl feel abt each other n their chem! Hmm oh well… Great Poetry! =)

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