Random Thoughts weed inspired!

Perhaps if we slowed down sometimes and take risks, we would not miss so much of the magic placed strategically in our lives, to keep us strong and right. Perhaps, we would collide as well with the better feeling parts of our destiny. Happy. In that moment her lips felt innocent and refreshingly new, and I could stay lost for a while…rejuvenating.


No matter how incredibly unpredictable they are, I like interacting with ‘human’ beings. The multiciplicity of motivations, the layers beneath or on top of layers, I find fascinating. ‘Human’ Beings are just pained, more on the insides than on the out. The big problem is, I am also pained, I am also ‘human’. We all need the same things even if we don’t outwardly admit it.


One thought on “Random Thoughts weed inspired!

  1. True, sum1 new is always an adventure to figure out a joy to discover the intricate details of their beings that makes them so uniquely complex, and ye we all want the same thing it’s just that that time n individual desires affect when… We want it.

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