The Big Idea of Social Media

In about 10 years social media has become like air to young people who need to stay current with technology and trends, as well as a unkind chore to those who need to stay current, whether by choice or not.

Without sounding like a pshycho with drummed up conspiracy theories of control and surveillance, social media essentially exposes you to the whole world, whether we recognise it or not.  I have bounced (like I usually do) between support and disgust for its ability to disrobe emotions, fears, joys and pain and leave you open to opinions, judgments and criticisms of people who truly have no idea about the process behind that Facebook or twitter posts.  The before and after the picture you share, will never make it to the story or be factored into the appraisal/judgment by the stranger.

Do we know this? The impact of the incomplete information we share.

How vulnerable do you become when you share your inner thoughts or dreams? If we accept that thoughts and emotions are powerful, then when we lay our lives open to the underinformed thoughts and emotions of others…who have power.  We could argue that there is no power in an opinion, and perhaps in my youth and naive obstinateness, I would have pulled rabbits from hats and won that argument, however, the truth is, in the age of social media, connecting and sharing thoughts, used to build consensus around causes, an ill-placed opinion can become a horrifying nightmare.  Truth is no longer personal and dare I say even relevant, as we are inundated with half-truths, fake smiles, images that just capture the moment you choose to share without providing a context that can be appreciated and valued as part of the big picture.  Half truths, can easily become manipulatable material for believable lies, so social media is the perfect space for those with agendas to maim or defame, which once it is out there, can present some deep and far reaching negative implications.

With social media, it is important for you to know the friendly beast and control your interactions. 

Facebook encourages the most vulnerability…pictures accompanied by thoughts, to be referenced, cross-referenced and misinterpreted.

Twitter, I find less invasive eventhough it asks that you further compress and subsequently desensitize your thoughts to be shared.

My favourite is LinkedIn and Pinterest is becoming my little vision board.






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