Of Unicorns, snow white and Cinderella

I long for it so much it is a physical pain in my chest, now spread to my bones…I love seeing people happy and in love…love makes me happy out this world. I love seeing truly happy fullfilled people and i believe with all my heart that if we had more of love..more people genuinely giving instead of taking, we would have a better life. i think people discount n devalue the real meaning of love and the importance of happiness. If I say to you…it is my responsibility to make you happy, and expect that you should see it as your job…then we would be doubly supported in taking on a world filled with so much hate…ie. by loving each other too as well as loving ourselves. She said she thinks being responsible for someone elses happiness is too much of burden and i have to respect that…but for me…it would be the best thing in the world.

….but then I watched lots of disney (still do) 🙂


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