The importance of SEX


Sex, Fuck, Duggu duggu, making love, etc, How important is sex? Like anything that involves life…the idea of sex is a dynamic one whose definition and parameters can be as varied as skin colours, smiles and personalities.

Let me declare, I am a hedonist, pleasure is the highest good. One of the main things wrong with the world, is that too many people feel they have to endure displeasure for a greater good. That is the highest and most painful demoralising form of bull to ever exist. I blame or congratulate chrisitianity for this unfortunate view, as pleasure and the absence of it has been used to manipulate, control and motivate people from time immemorial. I am not trying to launch a war with Christians…I am a lover…never a fighter but I believe in freedom of thought expression, we can dialogue however

Back to the issue of sex…if you have had good sex then you know how good sex can be. Bad sex to me is forced sex, sex you really do not want to have but have to have, whether for money, having been raped or any other situation in which you have little control over. Good sex is sex you want to have, sex that doesn’t start with intercourse at all, but with attraction, tingling feelings in erogenous zones; not being able to breathe properly at times; ears burning from heat…yes heat that rises from whereever it decides to come from (it can start anywhere from pelvis to fingers…each person is different). Good sex can be extremely good, makes you physically healthier, releases endorphins, makes you happier, is great for your skin, hair and self esteem, wards off depression, burns calories etc.

No doubt you can get these benefits from exercise…but you can have lots of fun doing it as well. Sex also creates an emotional bond between the two people involved.

If sex is sooo beneficial both physical and emotional, then why not have sex more often. Sex should be as regular as is possible. Unfortunately sex has been misused, sex should be used to increase intimacy and trust, it is also best when you are able to be honest and open about what you want and what are your boundaries. The issue of sex should be totally explored even before you decide to get sexual or involved in any form of relationship. It is best when both parties are on the same page re expectations and values placed on sex. Absence of sex in a relationship can indicate a fall in attraction between partners and should be addressed immediately if you intend to maintain/save your relationship. No sex…and you miss out on not only all the physical benefits of sex, but also the emotional ones as well. Lack of sex creates, miserable, unhealthy people who will try to either find other ways to garner the pleasure they need or make everyone as bitter and as miserable as they themselves are. We were all created by sex and so sex is cornerstone to who we are as human beings.

Happy humping and making it count (masturbuation included).

Let fuck be free but do it responsibly and make sure it is good and not bad!

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