Mayan Calendar end and other human drama

Sigh. It appears that as humans we take a little too much pleasure in the anticipation of discomfort and pain. Manifested in worry and stress which most often lead to other complications, mental, emotional and its extreme, physical. Perhaps this comes from our feigned control complexes, we feel like we need to have control. The truth is, we control diddly squat…zilch…zero. This need for control, and our affinity with the anticipation of pain and discomfort has made a couple of people rich, and we still fail to see that whether we choose to worry or not, we have little of no control over impending challenging circumstances. Life is simply made of challenging circumstances that allow us to see the beauty of goodness, love, hope and charity. As with the theory of balance we can’t have good without bad, they are one and the same, a compliment to each other, instead of adversaries as we have been unfortunately thought.

So, our fascination with drama and end has provided film makers with mutliple opportunities to satisfy our fascination with doom and tragedy. The movie “2012” released in 2009 with the tag line ‘you were warned’ opened at No. 1 with $65M domestically and $225M worldwide, director and ‘doomsday specialist’ Roland Emmerich, who also did Independence Day, made a killing once again. Dearest Roland’s obsession with doom must be in his bloodline, born German and exposed to the history of the holocaust, no doubt suffering has been part of his forever. Roland vows that 2012 will be his last doomsday creation, let’s see.

December 21, 2012 came, Roland warned us and nothing happened, most of us are still here. Interestingly enough, the calendar which sparks this drama wasn’t even Mayan, but Olmec, and even more importantly, the little voices of scholars of the meso era, have been trying to discount this gloom and doom story, but no one would pay attention to that.

When will the world end? We will never know, and that should never be our concern….everything must end, what we should focus on is what we create, what begins and how we keep regenerating it, not when it will end. That I think is the true meaning of immortality, learning to regenerate, reinvent and live. As we trudge forward into 2013, no doubt we will be exposed to the commercial vices of gloom, lots of things will end, many people will die, some in unfortunate and traggic circumstances like the kids in Sandy Hook or in China, the sex working drug addict in the ‘Gulf’ in New Kingston or the gay man, whose thrill this one time cost his life, to name just a few. Tragedy is part of life, but so is love. The power is with us as humans to choose how we handle a situation and where we put our focus…tragedy or joy, war or peace, hate or love.

The DECISION is ours!


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