My name

Thinking…what’s in a name? As we go through our varied experiences, and though our bodies change, our personality alters, our name remains the same. Perhaps like a magnet, it gets so many adjectives attached to it that we have to take stock and do a mental cleansing at times. Clearing our name. Remember or keeping […]

Wash Out!!!

Wash dis away…all the way down, cuz for far too long wi a run up and dung   Hurricane waves take away all this grime, millions of tears from mother’s shed for each child dead at the hands of our horrid crime. Unborn babies, wail and bawl, piss demself like rain ah fall for all […]


I got words, words that for you to understand them, you would probably have to rip them from my chest. What comes out of my mouth or flows through my fingertips will hardly relay my reality.  My words can be smooth, they say, but smooth is not what I feel…its dangerous and ragged, like constant […]