Wash Out!!!

Wash dis away…all the way down, cuz for far too long wi a run up and dung


Hurricane waves take away all this grime, millions of tears from mother’s shed for each child dead at the hands of our horrid crime.

Unborn babies, wail and bawl, piss demself like rain ah fall for all the debt, they would beget, when these government gyal and boy yah dun run we economy to a fish net! Strainer! Nothing but poverty at these ‘end of days’ yah….and tommorrow, who knows, maybe even foreva.  If we nuh hurry up and wash out this place yah.


People think IMF or the puppet dem a Gordon House ah cause alla dis drama.  Some people think ah di hungry belly people dem pan di corna. Church-goer ah say ah di sinna…but ofcourse a battyman and sadamite aguh come out di winna.  All weh a gwaan, dis nastiness come from every single smaddy weh inna dis human ‘race’ yah. By the way is who come up wid dah liad term deh…’race’, if there is a race then there must be a loser, dat cyaa right cuz di whola we ah winna.  Is not battyman or pastor; or church-goer over political leader…and by the way again, mi want unnuh lowe di hungry belly people dem pan di corner, they are a reflection of the true picture.


Wi hungry and starving, no more love inna we heart…nutting.  We selfish and selfserving, and feel sey we fi grab up everything….gone are the days of sharing, loving and the community growing.  We are bitter. Proud!  We no longer say sorry, and when we see wrong doings nuff ah wi would never utter a word.

It wasn’t like that all along, I sit and try to reason where it all went wrong.  Back in the day relationships lasted long long long…men and women built foundations, families were large, proud and strong.  The entire community cared and was there if something went wrong.  Everything just different yaw mon.

Leaders LED, thats why Paul Bogle did haffi dead, dem one yah have house and car inna foreign lands, dual citizenship nuff ah dem ah siddung pan…nuhbaddy naw run demself inna red, them a scoop weh dem want and lef di whola wi wide eagle spread….slap weh wi meds.


Ah nuh suh it did stay all along, I swear Marcus Garvey mussa wonder what kinda LSD him did deh pan…bet him woulda never waa drop asleep again. That was no dream, this is a nightmare.  Slavery is right back yah suh, backra master have di fools dem pan di radar…again, centuries later.  Research In Motion, Facebook, Twitter…have everybody weak, dem independence and freedom, dem just a offer up, to be manipulated…sitting ducks.  and we are blind…nuh even badda try open nuh eye…and a yah suh it deh…weh di likkle man sey ‘A yah suh nice’…Jesus Christ!!!


Woeeii…a just rain me waa fall, wash away the darkness weh seem to deh pan wi and all ah wi pickney dem.  Kartel, behind bars, I hope him learn him lesson and understand say him hold a very influential social position.  Him need fi come back, come make it right and exorcise him demons…Tommy Lee first…the master one!  Then him need fi use him lyrical talent fi help build back wi nation, Usain Bolt, Shelly-Ann Fraser all Bob Marley can join disya one, all Percival James Patterson, Normn Manley…everybody yaw man! 

It cyaa stay suh, dis is straight crawsis…powerful Jamaica…way too much cyaalisniss. 

We should be world leaders in everything! Simply put…beat up chest and bare tings!



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