Waking up

When it gets too heavy, I like to put on my cape and fly.  So please understand that when you look into my eyes, in soar—its because the world needed some beauty, and these trees are what Robin is to Batman.


Icy cold skin guarding my hot burning skin.  The wind is chilly , the birds are up and chirping, it is a beautiful morning.  Kush in my heavens, every sound, emotion and sensation is heightened…this kind of almost spiritual joy is everything…complete.  It is sexual and the wind pinches and flirts with my nipples, the hairs on my skin prickling and tingling.  The sound of the birds, echo in my heart…I can find its base, like a control switch determining, how hard and how soft I really want it.  Playing for me in places that should need way more than just sound to elicit these shocks, but I understand that everything is magnified and intensified here.  The plants are greener, the breath I inhale thicker and sometimes clumpy with the sentiments I choose to pull from our 3-d atmosphere.  This is my favorite part…the infiniteness and magic of this place.  The beautiful old lady, taking quick mini strides as she makes her way along a path she must have traveled 10,000 times…. to church.  Hat on head, cute little tote in arm. 

And love, even though she is a bitch and he is a wimpy liar…he carries her bags even the pretty ones, holds her hand.  and she is happy depending and trusting him.

Waking up to warm hands, carressing my skin as if giving praise that I am still there.

Blood heating, fingers gently scraping, enjoying each other, getting our fill of ultimate exotic pleasure before facing the day and worlds to be thrown at us….savoring our own private world of beauty, love, intensity, comfort and peace.


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