Talking to the moon

TO the degree that opposites connect is only when one will feel whole.

I need a man to make me woman.  Until then we are not complete, He needs a woman to show him manhood for him to truly feel it.  Softness is the only thing that can truly complete hardness. Ultimate pleasure and maddening love to really relate pain.  Its not hate that causes a gun-man to kill, it is his commitment to his love of power/money/fame.

That balance should always be operating should be a modus operandi fact.  Unfortunately in this amount of chaos, operating, overthinking, overacting,  overhurting, overloving, underttrusting seems to be the main idea behind the big plot.

I need me some sex, a shoulder to lean on and a back that is not made of smoke.  Take care of me, hold my hand, lead me sometimes, teach me every step of the way, and not at all because I am weak, but because I can break.

Open your mind, nothing is absolute, not you not me, but we are apart of and within millions of energies interacting at once, fighting for superiority, taking any chance afforded by us/ by you.  I dont mind that you hold me for a while, control me sometimes to grow me in the right direction, help to be my eyes, when my eyes need a rest. 

I need you to be my softness, my balance, my man, my woman, weakness, strength.

Talking to the moon.

(I can remember the kiss-I would get lost in you)


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