Breathe…Just Breathe

When things get difficult,, I close my eyes and take deep breaths.
I close my eyes to lose sight of the darkness, the fear, the uncertainty and I take deep breaths to relieve the pain.
Breathing reminds me that I am still alive, oxygen is still reaching my heart, blood is still rushing through my veins; while the canvas behind my closed lids leave me in wonder, plain…nothingness, perhaps only sporadic lights.

Deep breaths energises, pulling in newness, expressing the worn.

Breathe, Just Breathe

BREATHE, because the exhale of each breath is final, the completion of that cycle. While inhaling starts over anew. Sometimes you have to shrink all those mighty issues down to the simple science of two; Good/Bad, Old/New, Win or Lose….and choose one of the two. Its never as complex as the fractions present…despite those marvelous horrendous frills…at core its just two, and when you dig even further…you realise the truth…there’s just YOU.

So Breathe, YOU breathe….JUST BREATHE


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