Out with the old in with the new – Welcoming 2014

‘Toto…I have a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore’

Lord have mercy…sometimes I sit and ponder…wtf! When I look at the experiences of my life, I swear this must be someone’s joke, I am glad they are being entertained and though it took me some time to accept…having that perspective has better equipped me to deal with the occurrences, knowing fully well that though I may not have much control over the drama that makes it to my life…my power is in my reaction to it…so now I am able to smile at my stress…knowing fully well it will blow over and make way for another one.  Not so positively inspiring at a glance right….but then when you look closer, I have been inspired by my own strength.

What value do you ascribe to life and living? Is it based on material effects, perceptions as in what others think of you, or is it based on you and what is inside you? I know it sounds like mumbo jumbo hairy fairy crap and is therefore easy to dismiss, but think about it…or rather unless you have been through some real crap…have had life bring you from grace and to your knees then you probably will not be able to understand and appreciate that it is indeed what is inside you.  Backs against walls, fans faded to the back ground and treacherous waters…will have you realise really quickly that it is not at all what others think or what material things you possess. All those things are fleeting, and will pass, it is the personal strength and resilience that matter.  It is how you feel about yourself.  Trials make you stronger (another mumbo-jumbo seeming statement I know) and only trials can demonstrate your real strength.

I have grown tremendously in the last 2 years, I fell in almost every way possible, spiritually, financially, relationships, career and sometimes seemed like I got my knees kicked out…getting up seemed impossible, down there I learnt some valuable lessons…on the real I am just here to learn and conquer the lessons that life has to teach me and know that no matter what…I will be a better person, even if people don’t respect the route it took to get me there…it is after all my journey…and everyone has their own journey.

I am ready for 2014….Kansas or no Kansas!!!



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