I stopped listening/watching the news ages ago, inundated by senseless killings and murders but most importantly the pervasive lack of respect for life and the responsibility. Seeing beyond the senseless killings, the drive-bys, the arrogant supposed SERVANTS of the state (politicians), there was a core issue…one that commissions and impassioned pronouncements from whichever place of […]

Virginal Bolt and the things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm…

Some weeks ago I, in passing heard some drama about Usain Bolt, Jamaica’s pride and joy and phenomenon locally and internationally, being the star of Virgin Media’s ‘power of our network’ campaign.  I decided to watch this commercial, and as I expected it really fell short in deserving all the hubbabuloo about it, as a […]

Greatest Love of All Pt 2

Have you ever had something happen to you that though you are aware it happens, you just never thought it would happen to you? Its like hearing a saying, and you swear you know what it means, until you are faced with a situation and the reality of it hits you. We hear daily…’you must […]

I started this blog with the noble intention of sharing my experiences…one my core fundamental beliefs is honesty. I swear that if people were more transparent we would be alot further as humanity…our development is actually retarded when social norms require dishonesty in many ways. I am certainly not positing that I have always been […]