Destiny vs Choice

I had a very strained conversation with someone in my life, my friend, despite the fact that we rarely ever see eye to eye, often times irritating each other to bits, I guess because we both are highly opinionated and equally controlling. Maturity is however yet to teach her the lesson I learnt, that everyone and everything must be allowed its expression and it is not our responsibility to agree (she will perhaps read this and fume, she will say I have it wrong and will think of defending on this post. Let me advise you…do not do it, these are my opinions, you cannot control them).

The general gist of tonight’s teeth-grinding argument, was that she believes that people choose the lives they lead, it is their choices that determine how their lives turn out. The conversation began when she asked if I believed in destiny, I took some time to think about it, then admitted that I do believe in Destiny, the idea that there is something for your life that MUST happen regardless of what you do or whatever choices you make, you will have to find back your level and your original path. Some people keep making choices leading them away from this, and are therefore forced to die before they can complete the mission and return to existence to complete it in another life. I believe that God/The Universe, or whatever other names exist out there is the one holding the chips (destiny) in this poker game called life. I believe that Nick Vijucic was destined to change peoples lives and was born without arms and legs, suffered the pain of the lessons taught by society in order to be able to do what he is doing now. When you understand that you are destined and purposed for greatness, we can smile through whatever situations you are in, knowing that difficult situations…whether it be the chemistry; the connections; or the circumstances; or the consciousness, will require the choices that will take us through to our destiny. No one is ever born to do nothing and have no purpose, regardless of how bad our situations become due to our choices, when we allow our purpose in our life by following our bliss which is all that is required of us…to feel and follow LOVE, we will fulfil our destiny and served our purpose.

I don’t know which came first…the chicken or the egg, I know for sure I enjoy both of them and they both serve a different purpose. So it is with the concepts of destiny and choice. Does Choice influence Destiny…or do we make Choices dependent on our pre-determined, divine-assigned Destiny. What about Oprah Winfrey? Are there many other young black women who made the right choices up the golden streets with milk and honey, or was she destined to touch many lives with her specific story? I am sure there were many young black impoverished American-African who worked hard through college, many even made it to law school…why didn’t they become president…right time, right place…the things that make up Destiny.

I have attached a video that blows my mind and brought tears…please watch!


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