I stopped listening/watching the news ages ago, inundated by senseless killings and murders but most importantly the pervasive lack of respect for life and the responsibility. Seeing beyond the senseless killings, the drive-bys, the arrogant supposed SERVANTS of the state (politicians), there was a core issue…one that commissions and impassioned pronouncements from whichever place of pain, defeat or hopelessness seemed to fail to highlight; all the time irrationally or perhaps delayed misappropriating the real blame.

The real truth (well as far as I am concerned) is that what we are experiencing is the effects of a lack of responsibility. This lack of responsibility is a pandemic, whose symptoms and occurrences when ignored from the smallest levels grow and develop like fatal cancers until it becomes where we are now, no one has any respect or any responsibility. When we break stop lights; refuse to do what is right even in small situations; when we allow our kids to avoid their responsibilities, we support this lack of respect for life and responsibility and we support this mass national decay that we are experiencing. Can it be resolved. Most definitely! Once we start accepting responsibility and holding people accountable.


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