Ode to this Yellow Brick Road!

I don’t know which is responsible for these curves and turns…is it my affinity to new experiences, is it bravery or is it stupidity! Which ever it is, it would b a lie to say I didn’t enjoy every single moment of it…the highs are majestic and lows could be more devastating if I didn’t have a healthy sense of humour and my lifeline, the one that allows me to believe that everything happens for a purpose.


I feel him moving in my tummy…I poke fun at my swollen feet and constantly feel so amazingingly happy and pretty!ImageI never even dreamt of having a child…quite the contrary I had some less than dignified opinions of women who chose to have children, because of what I saw of heterosexual relationships and its by-product being kids, always abandoned by their fathers and left to struggling but strong women to raise on their own.  I thought these women were stupid.  Never wanted to be part of that gang, so when doctors told me ages ago that if I wanted to get pregnant I should hurry…naturally I scoffed…and admittedly laughed a little…Hell noooooo!!!

Suddenly in my 30s, I found myself getting the baby itch…the bug got me.  Not knowing how or even if this would happen…I suppressed it.  I am pregnant now and enjoying every minute of it…the swollen feet fascinate me, the bulging tummy I find super sexy in my outfits and I just want to wiggle each time someone makes a comment about my pregnancy…glad bag bus!

Having a child can be such a stressful event, and if you think that the stress concerns the conception and pregnancy, think again! I can imagine the stress being straight through the toddler, pre-teen, teenage, adult years.  Here I am committing to love another human being whatever he looks or sounds like, whether he is agreeable or a pain in the ass…till death do us part…and even so, we pray it is not death!

Another turn on the yellow brick road…am I ready…hell no I am not by any stretch of the imagination, however like all the turns on the road, I will go at it with all of me, knowing fully well that everything is purposed in my life.  There are no guarantees, and we don’t dictate how things work out for us, our role is to live, be positive and give it our all!






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