Kim Kardashian – The badass bitch

No, I am not one of your typical celebrity-crazed person, I don’t care much for celebrity life and actually feel a lot of pity and sadness for them.  Having the spotlight squarely centered on your ass 25/7 (not an error, 25/7 because they seem to be under constant and consistent surveillance almost like magical wild beasts) does not seem very enjoyable; indeed the Wests have had a great deal of experience with the paparazzi’s unfriendly and aggressive obsession with them.

I am not a Kim Kardashian fan. I am a fan of badass bitches who take whatever society throws at them and turn it inside out.  True Amazonian queens who will stand up, come face to face with crippling situations and rise up again, like Kim.  In 2007, one of the many HIP HOP assholes, marauding men who in their childish haze attempt to belittle women, using weapons of shame to cripple them, RAY-J, release a very lame sex tape of him and Kim (that sex tape was beyond lame, unbelievable to think people have sex like that).  The sex tape went viral and Kim Kardashian took that and turned it into a  very successful TV show, modeling career, fashion and beauty line and her title Badass Bitch!  Many women crumble at just the thought of a break-up, not to mention a bad break-up, Kim’s experience would have caused many to be the next feature on Snapped, he would be in a body bag, she would have been a hit anyway…even if she murdered him and ended up on the next exciting reality tv show ‘Celebrity Criminals’.  She did none of those…she grew from the experience, made the strangest coupling with the extra-terrestrial Mr. West have a beautiful daughter, a wedding to talk about for days and something that look so right.

As if holding her head high wasn’t enough, she endured some truly harsh criticisms about her pregnancy body and weight gain, all the while being hounded by the paparazzi. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and 16 months later is being criticized again for sticking it to ‘them’ with some really hot naked photos. 

That magazine cover gave me the biggest most satisfied laugh, Break the internet because you broke it to a culture of shaming and denigrating.  Kim Kardashian refused to allow her lowest lows being magnified by empty people to cripple her, she didn’t defend, deny or allow her situation to lead her to drug abuse or self-hate, she turned a shaming anal sex home video into a magazine cover with champagne spurting on said now world renown ass.

Lessons learnt:

a) We can and must rise on the wings of the said things that threaten to take us down

b) Don’t respond to negative press, smile and keep it classy, curt and pretty.

c) Nothing sexier than a badass bitch


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