This kinda love.

It’s Tuesday. Work was inspiring. Desperate but simple wishes were granted, my daughter was overjoyed to see me, and my home was filled with warm, loving and supporting family and friends.  My niece is not feeling herself, and my dreamy dialogue under the stars of millions and life is interrupted by screams of pain from my niece.
Its awful. Madison is asleep and as I take turns at comforting my niece. I am confounded, in pain and confused…what is this kind of love.

This kind of love makes you physically feel her pain almost before she
does. It seems.  This kind of love stares at her for what feels like forever…studying the very contours of her baby skin, marvelling at the miracle of tiny toes and the most beautiful smile without teeth. This kinda love leaves me in awe.  Breathless. Afraid. Empowered. Purposed. This kind of love leaves me in shock. I never knew that there was anything that existed as intense as this kind of love.


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