Take care

​The meditation.
We have to take care of ourselves. Ourselves outlast family and fake friends…highs and lows…wins and losses….life and deaths. 
We have to take care of ourselves and first.
I was told this in the past by many angels passing thru my life…I didn’t understand what it meant…couldn’t fathom how it could be that I should first love me, and on my journeys from lives to deaths…through losses and wins and ofcourse the many fake friends….it took me a really really ridiculously longtime to see that at first it’s critical that I take care of me. 
So this morning I looked at myself in the mirror and came to the realization that I really love me. As I am alone with no distractions no one or thing needing my attention or inspiration..  I began to talk to me.  We’ve been through some raas, you and me, but there’s no way can I deny how much I love me. Perhaps I feel like I still need to give reverence to the girl who cared too much about everyone’s circumstances and dreams while really and truly right now I am a woman who only cares about herself and my family. 
Don’t feel too bad if I don’t listen to your trauma or don’t come with my shoulder to cry on. When you are at worst and I ignore your calls please understand I have nothing to offer you at all. Don’t call me when you are blue…I’ll have nothing that makes sense to say to you. Call me when you have figured your way through…call me so we can review the battleground get through another round to win and gain…do not call me with pain…call me when you have found the will to fight again.  Because that’s where I’m at. 
We have to care of ourselves so we can win.. grow…gain.


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