Know yuh value

You wouldn’t know how it pains my heart…No like really and truly hurt me soul to see some women allow so bwoy to treat them like shit, when dem a gold..have them as booty calls or in arguments with other women about their irresponsibility.

Cut me yuh see no blood fi see dem good body, tight pussy, pretty gyal weh a do di most fi please dem man a get side tackle by some ah dem man weh nave no ambition. All mi tripe dem twist…mi fist dem mi haffi grip doan know which one a dem fi get di first lick. If a di foofool boy when nuh see seh woman fi treat better dan dat or a di ediot gyal weh nuhbody never ah show har her worth from day one.

He’s a deadbeat cuz if we don’t change them, they wont change. Men are tools, women are the contractor!

So girls dis is the management mi want unuh fi unda!
Woman fi know dem value…
…ah you have di good pussy
…ah yuh know how fi treat di man
…ah yuh give him everything yuh have from it can reach inna yuh hand
…nuh you say cook and clean and wash fi yuh man?
…nuh you say wine and flip and entertain di man, yuh nuh back from bedroom position?

Mek a bwoy move to the curb if him naw treat u how u deserve!
Dont tek it another day…the loneliness will go away.
Its your responsibility to be happy…sadness never have nutn but bitterness yet…and bitterness and failure ah friend…dem walk wid depression too.

Only gyal weh nave no ambition stay inna miserable situations…lift up outa dat mi sister! Cares ZERO whoo waa whisper!


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