180 degrees

I bet it’s hardly possible to have who you are known to be fully overhauled by a total different persona.  When glances in the mirror reveal the same face but different experiences and values…night and day. Where the initial act of questioning who you are, where you are and what you are doing leads to a snowball effect of changes…unstoppable avalanche, where with the passage of years is now still…180 degrees it is all different.

I feel lost at times…as if Dorothy woke up and it truly isn’t  Kansas…anymore. Now it’s the width of bicepts that excite me, silently thrilled at the notion of being owned and provided for by another…a man. And not so much the strong one with all the solutions providing for every one.  No longer a dominatrix, it’s servitude and submission that turns me on.

A total 180 and not so sure what to do


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