What women do for the D

The most recent social media challenge…The for the D(ick)/P(ussy)…has usual quickly made it to ‘viral’ status where many women and men of different cultures, languages, status and hues…declared what the would do or not do for The D. There were thankfully a few self-righteous ones who pretend a rebellion against the effect of social media on everyday lives by making their own ‘For the…’challenge subsisting Dick for daughter or degree…’clap dem lawd me heart full fi dem!’ As although they got a nice soapbox they are still doing the challenge. 

A conversation with my lover, let’s call him ‘D’, this morning took on a deep way off angle…women have been doing for the D for ages…long before this retarding challenge. As this morning the presence of my ancestors sat with me…I could almost remember the experience of slavery.

The white man wasn’t after the talents of the black woman…he was primarily after the strength and power of the black man.  The width of his back…the strength if his arms…the power in his legs and the fertility of his loins.  The black woman was a consolation prize and there-in for the black D we toiled.  Slave women endured a lot for the D and perhaps still do today as the system hasn’t much changed.  

I washed for the D…stinking raw white man clothes for the D

I stole food for the D…put backra to sleep early for the D…2 minutes or less n him asleep…wake up with big smile ah grin him teeth…maybe the whip won’t Crack so hard for this week.


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