But Sir…I am BLACK 

I wore my head wra to work yesterday after being called off my leave…feeling solidly good about my new found skill and the information and history of headwrapping, I rushed into my bosses office for our 2pm meeting. He looked at me intently with a look of confusion on his face that slowly morphed in disgust and frustration. 

He spat “that’s not how you plan to visit clients with that headwrap on your head”, I can’t even recall if I answered, as his words broke flesh…like the crack of the whip on my ancestral mothers back…inside me screamed…but Sir…I AM BLACK. 

You see my boss is black too…the blackest of black…a successful businessman nonetheless he knows how to ride the capitalist slave masters back. To push his product…a woman with pretty hair and brown skin is the only thing that can get him in…with the way paved by the browning…he’ll work with a dark skin like mine…to continue what she started. 

What kind of reality is this…how confusing is this thing!!!! I can’t be black as blacks don’t win??? 



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