Not a happy slave today

Not a happy slave today…the oppression I feel is more than these Peruvian bundles I wear on my head…because the black backra master is uncomfortable with my natural. 

The commodity is no longer cotton…but capitalist dollars…my tool is no longer a machete, but my voice and my laptop.

Attempts to emancipate from slavery is threatened by fellow slaves who seem to no longer care to be un-enslaved. 

The pain runs deep today…timeline filled with RIP..streets filled with maddening fear because…Christmas is here!

Donkey more wise than we all thought…’wurl nuh level’ you can hear him say…Ninja in Prison…because house slaves run the place…the young people know this…and so capitalist dollars have become the new craze for us field slaves. A BMW and light coloured skin can save an ass from almost anything.

The future is bleak…humanity is weak.


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