I don’t know what you did last summer…and it bothers me

Jamaicans have a saying, “weh yeye nuh si hart nuh leap”, translated to mean, ‘what you didn’t see or rather don’t know, will not cause any pain or confusion. 

I believe quite the opposite. What you already know can’t hurt you…as you know what to do for sure and what to expect. On the other hand, what you don’t know is what you should fear, not only do you not know what to expect…you also have no idea, how to prepare for what you don’t expect, even worse is the situation then that you expect all things…frantically looking out for the worse there is that only could come. 

Surprises are not my thing when knowing is an obsession. People have sadly developed mechanisms to hide who they really are, in the folds of who they pretend to be, that you honestly never ever know who you are dealing with…ever. This intricate skill of deceit breaks so many hearts and dreams unnecessarily, when all that was required was the plane to be honest…and on that same plane…the tact of being non-judgmental with both truly understanding that as water has its own level…and should be allowed to flow unhindered or else there will be dire circumstances, so it is with people. We will all benefit from honesty and frankness, with no one being made to feel bad about who they really are between their intricate folds, allowing people to follow their bliss away from their pain.

I know I don’t know the truth about what you did last summer, and it doesn’t stop my heart from leaping.


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