When we all have a story

Social media has been known and I believe researched to contribute to depression, and I can certainly understand why.  The best pictures make it up…the ones where the lighting is right or we are wearing our favourite colour, the best days when all is right…constantly we are fed with these ‘perfect’ images of the ‘perfect’ life.  Users are careful not to be too real with their posts for fear of people actually knowing what is really going on.  Somewhere at some point, our vulnerable subconscious-es are tricked into thinking the filtered pictures and posts are real life and life is great for everyone, except of course us.

We remain addicted to our timelines or the timelines of the subjects of our low-key obsessions, annoyed that our own face is breaking out…or we are putting on a little unflattering weight.  Lunch isn’t the appetizing meal we had as a payday treat, as we planned our posts, but rather a PB&J we packed and some office instant coffee.  Our bosses are assholes but the reality is JPS won’t accept that as an excuse for an unpaid bill. The kids are cute but feeding the critters is a task, and we have no idea where their lunch for next week is hiding…again.  The ferris wheel of daily life isn’t slowing down, as the routines carry on with dire consequences should we harbour a thought of stepping away or taking a break.

We need our friends…we need our parents…we need our partners to be who we paint them to be.  We need the money and the answers…we need rest, we need a break.  Our stories are heavy, the wounds of our past really not healed.  There’s no real answer to why we wake up each day, why we go through all the things we do, why do our challenges seem insufferable, why our angels die, yet the demons live to terrorise us and tear down the positives we try to build in life.  There are no answers.  The ferris wheel will always be spinning and will so do until you choose the things that are important to you.  Just understand that in making a choice, there’s no way you can have it all.  All choices have consequences, and you always have the ball.  It could be that your family is most important to you and with that being said, no job will keep you after 2.  It could be that money is important to you and therefore running after him is worth the bags and outfits it can buy or the bills it can pay.  While, letting him go is reinstating you and your children to a place of extreme poverty, albeit with hungry happy smiles on your faces and lasting peace in your hearts.

We all have a story of trial and terror, the introduction and cover may give an idea, but it is us that fills its pages.  Don’t lean to your introductions or pay your cover any mind, get to writing and sharing and building into who you are by virtue of your owned and directed choices and accepting their related consequences with grace and poise.


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