Life goes by fast…real fast

Life goes by fast. I’m sure at some point we have all heard it, and for fleeting moments we all feel it, but then the demands of the current force us to get over this quickly and move on…only to have time fly even faster.

The hamster wheel-roller-coaster…life.

The more responsibilities you gather it seems, the faster the wheels turn. You have a job and/or are an entrepreneur, your wheels spin. You have family members you care about, the wheels spin. You have one child, dare say two, the wheels are on overdrive, school, relationships, friends, bills, goals…spin spin spin spin. Crammed for time and the demands placed on your time by all your responsibilities…you spin for almost like an eternity, falling asleep only to wake up and jump on the wheel again. Days become years, years become decades, and it gets to a point where want it or not…ready or not…the wheel begins to slow down…you get old.

Sometimes if you are fortunate, or depending on how you look at it…deliberate, you may be able to look back at the road(s) your wheels graced and see some tracks…some impressions, impact. If you are unfortunate…or depending on how you look at it…less deliberate you may not be able to see much or see what you thought you would see.

The difference is how purposed, deliberate and aware were your spinning moments.

Tips for liking what you see when you look behind you:

  1. Know thyself: Truth is this whole idea of knowing thyself can be overwhelming and in fact misleading. The human being, mind, and desires are always changing and in fact should always change. So knowing thyself entirely can be a massive and sometimes distressing thought if you take the term literally. We grow every day. Know thyself really means:
    • make it a priority to spend time with yourself
    • do things for yourself
    • be alone with yourself
    • treat yourself
    • reward yourself
    • listen to yourself
    • love yourself
    • prioritize your self
    • be about yourself…and I could go on and on.
  2. Goals – set Goals: Your life is like any other business or venture, including education etc that you embark on. Every single activity you engage in must make sense. So start with Objective setting. Didn’t the books tell us to how to set objectives and goals. Be S.M.A.R.T. about it. Make your objectives:
      • Specific
      • Measurable
      • Achievable
      • Relevant
      • Time-bound.

    People tend to try this goal setting around the new year which isn’t bad, the issue is they don’t build in the M&E structure, Monitor and Evaluate. At some point, you have to get off the wheel a little and monitor and evaluate your progress, re-strategising/re-setting if necessary. This could be monthly or quarterly, depending on how closely you need to be monitored. Build in a rewards systems as well.

  3. Be deliberate about creating your clan: Old time people have some phrases for it, like ‘lie wid dog, yuh rise wid flea’, or ‘show me yuh friends and I tell yuh who you are’.

If you are an avenger like me, this will sound a little bit jarring to you. You may even defend your own immature chicken-chest theory that you are an individual uninfluenced by the people around you. Not because your friends, lets say smoke, means you have to smoke too. Ride with that kinda ideology and you can forget the whole process…your life will just keep flying fast…and the tracks u see behind you will be very unpleasant. Full stop. Seriously. Youth and inexperience can be blamed for a few years or God-forbid decades of this thought…however, it doesn’t need to last forever and thankfully its not irreversible. It may be even help focus you a bit more…having had a few years of unintentional abandon (carelessness). Jim Rohn posits that each individual is the average of the 5 persons they spend the most time with, these people are critical to their success/failure or mediocrity. Let it sink it. Take an audit. No, I am not advocating that you get rich and switch or cut off family members that are not ‘there’ yet. I am advocating that you be more purposed in rationalising and respecting your time. Spend less time with the people who are not aligned with the Objectives we spoke about in point 2 above, and fill that time with activities/people that are more aligned with your goals, reading or learning is a good way to do this.

A bonus truth is: all is easier said than done. We can end up being a Jack of All Trades but Master of None. We know the facts…know the theory and life has beaten many of us senselessly with the lessons, but for some reason we still lack the carry-through. We’ve watched the videos, read the books, read the blog-posts, similar to this one…we have gotten so advanced that we don’t even need to finish reading the posts or watching the videos anymore because we know for certain what will come next…we know it…we know it all. 🙂 Yet, where are we…anywhere near better off…no. Or so we think!

Monitor and Evaluate!

Monitor and Evaluate!

Monitor and Evaluate!

Jamaicans have a term: WAH NUH DEAD NUH CALL IT DUPPY! translated in essence means…never give up, once there is life there is an opportunity to rise again…and again!


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