This age of information…to share or not to share

Are you enjoying the Aquarian Age or does it freak you out a little. The age of freedom, individuality, technology, spirituality and turning everything we have been taught…the entire foundation of life as we know it…on its head!

As we struggle with the whole idea of sharing when we come from a place where certain things are best left unsaid, many people struggle with wanting to share…needing an outlet to express themselves while many others just wish people would shut up and still hold that somethings must be kept private. Facebook and social media generally makes it a little challenging to keep your business private, especially with little subliminal prompts like…’what’s on your mind’, ‘how are you feeling today’. Some of us want to share so bad, our opinions matter…yet we are still faced with Piscean systems that restrict us sharing our opinions and that could really harm us in many ways.

When to share and why?

Funny enough I have always been a sincere proponent of sharing, as a way to connect with people and free some ideologies and experiences. Believe it or not…many people experience similar situations and sharing could help someone to feel less hopeless and more inspired, not only that they aren’t alone…but also the lessons learnt and various survival/coping strategies that could result in us achieving personal success more efficiently.

Silence/secrecy for me is the ultimate prison, the darkness allows for abuse and victimization, fostering loneliness and despair.

A problem cannot be a problem without the existence of a solution…but getting stuck in the quicksand of our current circumstances can affect our vision…and sharing or providing a supportive environment for sharing could just possibly maybe help us all to see a little more clear.

So, what to do when the sharing is too much?

First you must acknowledge and celebrate the fact that you have a choice! And get this…allowing people to share, gives you even more autonomy over your choices, by allowing you to see early and clearly what you appreciate and what you don’t appreciate. You have freedom of choice to align/expose yourself to the sharings that fit into your own experiences…eliminating any sort of distress or pleasure from forcibly being exposed to things you don’t like. I know it’s alot to appreciate, as being forces to do or experience things have been a mainstay feature of the Piscean age…we had to eat…had to see…had to do what we were told and expected to do…choices were limited.

So if you don’t like something…focus on the things you like! Move on…it’s ok to be happy, blissful and inspired 100% and without the use of drugs. Your own ability to choose…can be your new drug!

Rad isn’t it!


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