Whats the deal with The Yellow Brick Road and who is The Queen???

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This is a blog about LIFE and for all the people I have loved, unloved or offended, thanks for being part of who I am. I got nothing but love and appreciation for you.

It is crazy, emotional, strong, offensive, kind, thought-provoking, hair-raising.  Initially it may offend a few people who will feel I have jumped off the deep…and unfortunately are probably very very right.

It comes from the essence of a Jamaican woman (The Queen), born and raised in a garrison community by a fiercely independent, generous and self-sacrificing single mother, sired by a typical Jamaican gyalist…a captivating Don Gorgon.

Sexual. Ambitious. Outspoken. Activist. Lover. Student. Teacher. Leader. Friend.

It is honest…because honesty is like clean air…freeing the lungs, rejuvenating the spirit.

You will find poetry; comment about LGBT issues, politics, sex, food, experiences. I really write as I feel. Use the ‘Find what you want’ tab found on the top right to skip straight to what interests you, whether it be poetry (which is raunchy…prudes hush yaw), LGBT commentary you will find thoughts related to homo-anything, Mainstream is can take you from Jamaican events to regional or international.

Disclaimer: My views and opinions are based largely on my interpretation of the things I experienced, creating me.


3 thoughts on “Whats the deal with The Yellow Brick Road and who is The Queen???

  1. Thumbs up and wouldn’t rather have u any other way,the listing is the ingredients to the creation of one extraordinary visionary go geter .

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