180 degrees

I bet it’s hardly possible to have who you are known to be fully overhauled by a total different persona.  When glances in the mirror reveal the same face but different experiences and values…night and day. Where the initial act of questioning who you are, where you are and what you are doing leads to […]

Take care

​The meditation. We have to take care of ourselves. Ourselves outlast family and fake friends…highs and lows…wins and losses….life and deaths.  We have to take care of ourselves and first. I was told this in the past by many angels passing thru my life…I didn’t understand what it meant…couldn’t fathom how it could be that […]

I’ve come

I think I’m finally there. I think I have finally given up. Laying here, forced into rest…I decide to let go and listen to all the songs with haunting memories of my various broken hearts and punctured memories. I let them wash over me…finally… Allowing these ghosts their haunts. I realise now that there was […]

This kinda love.

It’s Tuesday. Work was inspiring. Desperate but simple wishes were granted, my daughter was overjoyed to see me, and my home was filled with warm, loving and supporting family and friends.  My niece is not feeling herself, and my dreamy dialogue under the stars of millions and life is interrupted by screams of pain from […]