When we all have a story

Social media has been known and I believe researched to contribute to depression, and I can certainly understand why.Ā  The best pictures make it up…the ones where the lighting is right or we are wearing our favourite colour, the best days when all is right…constantly we are fed with these ‘perfect’ images of the ‘perfect’ […]


There is a certain kind of power in standing in your truth. A certain kind of power and defiance in nakedness, rawness, naturalness…and somebody knows it. The self help scammers (I’m just bitter, all the motivation speeches and books in the world never seem to move me long enough) talk about it as a base […]

Monkey Business

Bottomline is…stop jumping on all these different bandwagons that only serve to distract and lose you! Shut the hell up if you are not willing to do something, as if you are not part of the solution then you are definitely part of the problem! Shut the hell up!