Candle in the Wind – Lava K

Today, she would have been 24 years old, if almost one year ago, she wasn’t brutally murdered by the father of her new born baby just weeks old.  She would probably have already celebrated her daughter’s one year birthday in Lava style. Her death left so many unanswered questions, even for the people who chose […]

The UTECH Incident

More and more I realize just how skewed my perceptions about homophobia were and just how schizophrenic the Jamaican society and culture is, thankfully I now know the truth. Jamaica is extremely, almost psychotically homophobic and violent. The abruptness and randomness of its application, as well as the extreme dichotomist culture, is what is most […]

Finally living my life: Gays who have made it out of hell

‘They know I am gay and they don’t care’ Stalking Facebook as I usually do, I saw a pic of an old friend George Stewart, in a fabulous mall in Amsterdam.  Its been a year since he made that heart thumping step on a plane, heading for the glory land or heaven called Amsterdam.  George […]

Pendulums Swing: The extremist and war

I believe in freedom, I believe in a God that created everything the way it should be at all times.  I believe in happiness, joys, smiles and things that feel good.  I believe that we are incomplete beings…broken up God spirit, and therefore we need to find ‘feel good’ in other things for us to […]

The vacuum nature hates: Grassroots activism

It is said you wont know what it feels like, until you have walked a mile in someone else’s shoe. Drag Queens/Transgenders are perhaps the most maligned of the LGBT community, both within the community and within the straight world.  For a very base appreciation of who/what a drag queen transgender is, a drag queen […]

The Periphery of extremely violent violence

A street dance. Mountain View Ave. Kingston. Jamaica. Home to many gay and lesbian Jamaicans. Over 300 people and a constant spread of extremely homophobic sentiments blaring to a group of largely marginalised members of one of the most violent communities in east kingston. It appears by our undue focus on that was Buju and […]

This big dutty passa passa inna Jamaica: Homosexuality

Dear Lord have mercy on our lying souls.  If it were up to me, I would start outing every closet battyman and sadamite in Jamaican clergy, politics, music, media and marital unions etc etc that sit comfortably in the closet and throw stones at homosexuality contributing to this very confusing and schizophrenic state of homophobia […]