Mayan Calendar end and other human drama

Sigh. It appears that as humans we take a little too much pleasure in the anticipation of discomfort and pain. Manifested in worry and stress which most often lead to other complications, mental, emotional and its extreme, physical. Perhaps this comes from our feigned control complexes, we feel like we need to have control. The […]

The Big Idea of Social Media

In about 10 years social media has become like air to young people who need to stay current with technology and trends, as well as a unkind chore to those who need to stay current, whether by choice or not. Without sounding like a pshycho with drummed up conspiracy theories of control and surveillance, social […]

Youth Crime, Marijuana and Golden Eggs

It was with almost amusement that I read the article entitled ‘Youth Crime down in California after Ganja is legalised’ published in the sunday gleaner, December 2, 2012. For years Jamaican grass root musicians, hailing and representing depressed and marginalised groups and even a politician (probably the only time these two groups will ever agree) […]

Pendulums Swing: The extremist and war

I believe in freedom, I believe in a God that created everything the way it should be at all times.  I believe in happiness, joys, smiles and things that feel good.  I believe that we are incomplete beings…broken up God spirit, and therefore we need to find ‘feel good’ in other things for us to […]

The Periphery of extremely violent violence

A street dance. Mountain View Ave. Kingston. Jamaica. Home to many gay and lesbian Jamaicans. Over 300 people and a constant spread of extremely homophobic sentiments blaring to a group of largely marginalised members of one of the most violent communities in east kingston. It appears by our undue focus on that was Buju and […]

Tommy Lee and Dancehall music: pain

Never thought I would ever have occasion to disagree with reggae legend Bob Marley.  However, some dancehall music hits are a severe pain.  ‘One good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain’ Bob, its either some dancehall music isn’t actually music or you were wrong…any which way, I am sure you are […]

Against all odds: Female football and Omolyn Davis

Google ‘Omolyn Davis’ and a massive 386 hits are returned. Impressive? But not as impressive as the track record of achievements behind and planned ahead for this 25 year old professional football player hailing from garrison community of Kingston Gardens Allman Town, and started playing for Waterhouse, Kingston, Jamaica.  Another low-income ghetto community with strong political affiliations. […]

All Angles coverage of gay homelessness issue Oct. 3, 2012

  Dionne Jackson Miller, on her show tonight,  ‘ALL ANGLES’ as usual went straight to the point. Whilst I didn’t get to watch the entire show, I was very glad to see that Dionne wasted absolutely no time in following up on the recently held closed meeting CALLED BY CITY OFFICIALS who became concerned about […]

Of cheating, relationships, gender roles and awww yes poor Mr. Vegas

Lord have mercy where to start.  So twitter and FB blew up today with Mr. Vegas (semi-popular dancehall DJ with homophobic lyrics – sticks out tongue, makes mean face) going ballistic about catching the mother of his one year old daughter, having unprotected sex with another man…in front of his daughter (the latter to me […]