Our greatest fear is change

The greatest test of a warrior is not what he/she wins, but how he/she wins. The greatest fear is change…Face it!


Social Responsibility and Corporate Do-gooding

Wealth Magazine’s Corporate Mingle’s topic was building brands that are socially responsible. Interesting and informative perspectives were shared by the presenters, Yaneek page, Danielle Terrelonge and Grace Staff & Foundation’s General Manager Tanketa Chance-Wilson. Is do-gooding part of our culture, nature or the latest marketing strategy in a philanthropic economy?

Not because you are a dumb bitch, means you have to be a dumb bitch.

Lets be real. Lets be clear.  There are many different colours in the crayon box, some are beautiful and bright and stand out.  Some are able to blend with anything…they are normal…no threat and some are down right ugly and ill-fitted, salt…can’t work and that’s just the fact. Some women are docile and agreeable.  Some […]