The Yellow Brick Road…..

wizard of ozzI have always been enamoured by the The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy a lost girl from Kansas and a bunch of misfits and their experiences traveling along the golden gift of life – the yellow brick road. One trick, prank and drama after another, with each lost and disoriented soul, hoping to get all the answers from the one, that will show them that all they experienced was for a purpose, The Wizard, who turned out in the end to be just another scared and lost soul trying to make it all work.

The Wizard of Oz and the story of the yellow brick road is my LIFE. I am Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, The Cowardly Lion and The Wizard. The yellow brick road is my life, and along it has been some very interesting experiences that will ( hopefully if I am able to let go) maintain the pages of this blog (please go the about page to see what this blog is about).

I have always felt like I do not belong here, and must have been ripped up by a horrible tornado and transported to this strange place, whether by divine intention or just act of nature. This is certainly not Kansas. My house landed on being liked by most people. In the same order, I am the Scarecrow, I craved a brain and never felt I was bright, smart or good enough, and then just as the Tin-Man, I needed a heart, needed to feel love and give love…a need that consumed so much, and subsequently, I became The Cowardly Lion, scared of my shadow, my inadequacy, my truth, being alone.

The road so far has been long and very winding, I wondered many, how the hell did I not fall off. There is no wizard. There are no guarantees. I was not the only one who believed in the existence of some rationale explanation, others did too, and played their parts negative and positive. Remembering those hair pin corners that nearly ripped out my guts, the yellow brick road seemed to be out to get me, and even after all that…there is no rational explanation, and as The Witch says I always had the power to go home back to Kansas, but needed to learn for myself that I didn’t have to runaway to find my hearts desire.

Kansas is me>


2 thoughts on “The Yellow Brick Road…..

  1. U are a truely amazing person sheeba and an even more beautiful writer. Life a journey. Are u truely il for the ride “my pretty”.

  2. People become supermen of their destiny when they acknowledge their inadequacies. One can only cream to the top when one understands and you are creaming right now.

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